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My daughter would not be at UCLA this year if it weren't for Excellence in Academics - and Kim Von Berg. Kim helped us work through our conflicts in communication to clear the obstacles that were in the way of my daughter's motivation. Now, my daughter is actually excited about her future! Also, the SAT course and the guidance of Excellence in Academics through the maze of college application complications was invaluable.

Karen Thompson
Carmel, CA

We asked for Kim Von Berg to help with my son, Kyle, learn Geometry, since we were told she even teaches math teachers how to teach high school Geometry. She has a way of explaining Geom. in simple terms that Kyle could easily understand. She related to him easily & made him feel comfortable. He so rarely opens up to adults, so my wife & I were more than pleased with his progress - on many levels! We drove from Salinas to the Monterey office but didn't mind this distance at all - given the many gains that we saw Kyle make. We had tried many tutors & teachers before - and no one made this kind of progress with him!


I want to go to university & be on a college softball team - but my SAT scores were what was always holding me back. I have ADHD and dyslexia & was given time and a half to take it, but I still kept scoring incredibly low. With Kim & Lisa's awesome patience & teaching abilities, I managed to up my score by 400 points! That Excellence in Academics 9-week course is the most amazing course! Thank you, Kim & Lisa!

Tanisha W

Through her communication assistance (she calls it "communication facilitation"), Kim helped me see in a very clear way the connection between my confusion and depression. Once we went beneath that, I was able to see my deep sense of grief and how this affected my attitude toward my son. She helped me discover my priorities, so I could move forward! My relationship with my son has greatly improved, and I am able to lovingly set boundaries around his use of his time & getting his homework done. To say Kim was extremely helpful is an understatement!

Candice T
Pacific Grove

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