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About the owner, Kim Von Berg

As a long time business owner with a Master’s in Humanistic Psychology and a CA secondary teaching credential in mathematics and French, Kim Von Berg has taught mathematics and college preparatory skills to students of the Monterey Peninsula and Salinas for many years. She has also dedicated many hours to assisting at-risk students achieve the academic standards to become successful high school and college graduates.


During her early postgraduate years, Ms. Von Berg spent a year in West Africa as an English teacher. This experience engendered her passion to educate and assist others to recognize and reach their full capacity.


Kim Von Berg of

Excellence in Academics

In 1994, at the prompting of satisfied students, Kim Von Berg founded exactly what her students had testified as her championship, “Excellence in Academics.”  Many of these students attest that they would not have achieved such goals without Ms. Von Berg’s patience and encouragement.

Due to the success of Excellence in Academics, Ms. Von Berg augmented her studies in education with over 600 hours of professional training in communication & relationship skills. She has also become a Professional Certified Relationship Coach and works with families & couples as a communication specialist and counselor - and is now a relationship expert . She has since founded Thriving Loving Relationships which offers programs for singles and couples, coaching and online communication classes to couples and singles. In addition, she is the originator of the world renowned 3 Steps to Create Extraordinary Relationships™  programs that help people who want to improve any kind of relationship. 


With almost twenty-five years of running Excellence in Academics and working with teens and their parents, Ms. Von Berg has become known as an adolescent and parent-child dynamics expert. She combines this with her experience and training in her other complementary studies to powerfully assist students and families achieve the desired results they desire.

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